Lost or Stolen Card

If it is during business hours, call us at 214.630.7111. If it is after hours call 800.472.3272 to reach our card processor. 

Once that information is received a stop is placed on your card and it will not be able to be used. Your next step is to have the card re-issued.

If you have called us to stop the credit card, we will start the re-issuing process.

If you have called after hours, the next business day you need to call us to re-issue your card. If you find your card, cut it up and properly discard. 

If you have fraudulent charges on your bill please contact us immediately. We will ask you to complete a form identifying what is fraudulent. Our job is then to contact the correct merchants and financial centers to correct the matter. To keep abreast of your charges, you can go online at SWFinancial.org and securely view your most recent charges and statements.

Important numbers for your debit/credit card: